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Research Help: Citing internet sources

Internet Sources

Internet Sources

The Internet can be a source of great confusion when it comes to citations. Many times plagiarism happens by mistake when one is unclear about how and what on the interent needs to be cited. Here are a few tips to help clarify the situation:

  • Web content without an author still needs to be cited. Please see the Citation & Style Guides page for more information on how to cite webpages with no author.
  • Put quotes around everything you copy and paste from the Internet. That way you will be able to tell the difference between someone else's words and your own.
  • Copy the URL and date accessed from any webpage you use.  This is so you can reaccess the page when you need to go back and make a citation, or examine the context of any quotes you use.
  • Be careful of unstable URLs. Sometimes the URLs of websites are not stable, meaning that if you copy the URL, it won't go back to that site when trying to access it again in the future. Look for a "permalink" or a "stable URL" to get a permant link for a website.

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