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Research Help: GLDYS Advanced Search

Advanced Search

Advanced Search

GLDYS has an advanced search that allows you more control. Click on the Advanced Search button under the search box on the homepage. 

In GLDYS' advanced search, you can specify which part of an item's record to. These include:

Keyword - This is the broadest search. It searches for your terms anywhere in an item's record (including title, author, description, table of contents, etc.).

Title - Searches in the title of each record. Use this search if you know the exact title of the book, or even a few words that are in the title.

Author - searches the author field of an item's record. For example, if you search for "Jones" you'll bring back results with all items in Grafton Library that have "Jones" as author name -- First or Last.

Subject - searches for your search terms in subject headings of each record.

The advanced search also allows you to apply limiters to your search before you see your results. 

Refining your Search

Refining Your Search

Since GLDYS searches everything (books, articles, movies, audio files, etc) in libraries worldwide, the results can be overwhelming. Using the options on the left of your search results will allow you to refine your search by things like subject, author, year, date, source type, and more. This can help you find what you're looking for much more easily.