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Trouble Logging in?

GLDYS Library Account

You indicated that you're seeing the GLDYS account login page and that you would like to login to your GLDYS account to see due dates or place holds. 

But you're having trouble logging in. Have you ever successfully logged into this system before?

Yes No





















You've indicated that you've logged into your GLDYS account before, but you're having trouble now. This system needs you to use your MBU ID# and the password you set originally to log in. This password isn't your MBU PIN, unless you set it as your PIN the first time you logged in.

Make sure you're providing your MBU ID# for your username. If you don't remember the password you originally set, you can use the set/reset password link under the login form to change it. This should fix your issue, but if you continue to have trouble, use the button below to email a librarian. 

Email a Librarian


Email button doesn't work?

Send an email to
subject=Login Trouble: GLDYS Account
body=Hello, I'm trying to login to my GLDYS Account. I'm sure I'm using my ID number and I tried resetting my password, and I'm still having trouble.





















You've indicated that you've never logged into your GLDYS account before. The first time you login to this system, you set your own password. Just click the Set/Reset Password link under the login form. The system will send you an email with instructions. Follow the instructions, set your new password, and you should be ready to go. You'll need your MBU ID # to set/reset your password. When you login, your ID# is your username and the password is the one you set.

If you try this but the system says: User name is invalid, then a librarian needs to confirm your library account. Use the button below to email a librarian with your MBU ID# and mailing address, and a librarian will get your account completed for you. 

Email a Librarian


Email button doesn't work?

Send an email to
subject=Login Trouble: Need to setup GLDYS Account
body=Hello, using the troubleshoot tool, I've discovered that I don't have a library account and I would like one. My MBU ID# is: My Mailing Address is: .