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Martha S. Grafton Library

Trouble Logging in?

You've indicated that you are trying to login to the library's Resource Authentication Page. This is the system that communicates to our databases that you're an active Mary Baldwin Community Member. 

If you're a student or adjunct faculty member, you should use the same credentials you use to access Blackboard for this login. Your username without and your PIN. Be sure you're careful when entering your information- your PIN in case sensitive. 

If you're a faculty member who has a MBU computer and network password you need to update every 90 days, you should be using your username without the and your most recent network password. 


...credentials are invalid

If you are sure you're using the right credentials and are are still getting an error message at this login screen, you'll need human intervention. Click the button below to request help. The email form is prepped for you, just add your MBU ID number and send. 

Click here to Request Assistance


Email button doesn't work?

Send an email to and

subject=Trouble Logging into Library Resources - Network Password Reset and or Confirm Account Permissions

body=Hello, I have completed the library's troubleshooting tool to make sure I'm using the right credentials, and I'm not able to login to the Library's Resource Authentication Page. Please check my account to make sure I am active and have appropriate groups/permissions, and if needed reset my network password. My MBU ID number is: