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Grace Christian Research Guide: Step 3: Content and Coverage

A guide to help Grace Christian students working on their English Literature research assignments.

Quality of Information on the Web Site

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the information on the site familiar to you? Does it correspond with other information you've read?
    • If the information is new, try to find other sources to verify the information.
  • Are there references/ bibliographies listed? Are theses sources reliable?
    • If there are no references provided, verify the information with other sources.

  • Is the information based on research/documentation?
    • If so, check the qualifications of the researchers. Are they affiliated with a research institution or university?

  • Is the information reproduced from another publication?
    • If so, does the site link to the original? If the reproduction is retyped, it could have been altered intentionally or unintentionally.

  • If there is a list of links on the page, do they work? Do they link to reputable sources?
  • Is the site free of grammatical and spelling errors?


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