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Martha S. Grafton Library

COMM100: Public Speaking: Activity

Fall 2013

What we'll cover in the library session


  • Evaluating Sources
  • Searching Google
  • Citing Sources
  • Some time to search on your own


Handy links

Group Activity

To Do:

-Search Google and choose a web source you like

-Evaluate it

-Cite it using MLA

-On the Padlet wall (linked below), create a post (double click) for your source.

Post a permanent link and citation for your source here:

Websites (pgs. 184-187)


Author(s). “Page Title.” Website Title, Publisher and Publication day month year, URL. Accessed date.

Lundman, Susan. “How to Make Vegetarian Chili.” eHow, Accessed 6 July 2015.

*If the website publisher is the author, only list them as the publisher and do not put an author:

"Henry VIII's Wives - What Happened to All of the King's Consorts?” All That's Interesting, 27 Jul. 2018, Accessed 30 Nov. 2018.


Online Newspaper Article (pg. 186)


Author(s). “Article Title.” Newspaper Title, Publication Date, URL for Online OR pp. page numbers for print.

Ahmed, Azam. “Hurricane Matthew Pummels Haiti with Fierce Winds and Rain.” The Star-Ledger [Newark], 4 Oct. 2016, pp. 2A+.

Example Citations in MLA Format

Class Evaluation

Please fill out a short evaluation of this course, found here