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COMM100: Public Speaking: Presentation Tips

Fall 2013

Picture Superiority Effect

What words and feelings come to mind when you look at this picture? (Picture Superiority Effect).

Image credit: treehouse1977


Components of a great presentation:

1. Don't read from the screen, make yourself cue cards

2. Pick images that communicate what you're saying, instead of displaying text.

3. Your goal is to trigger an emotional response from the audience with your slides, and to make them want to know what you're going to say.

4. Create a handout with all the details of your presentation, and give it out to the audience after you're done.

5. No more than 6 words on a slide "EVER"

(From Seth Godin's blog)

Common Mistakes:

Too much information on a slide (only one point/message per slide)

Reading from slides

Bullet points

Not enough practice and preparation.

Use it as an aid, not a crutch. You should be the main focus of the presentation, not your powerpoint.



Don't go crazy on excessive zooming

Take advantage of the space, the tools and different shapes, don't use it like a powerpoint going from one box to the next.

Haiku Deck


Create tags on an image and desribe with music, video, sound, text and more.