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African-American Studies: Primary sources

A guide to resources in African-American studies, including reference sources, books, articles and librarian-approved websites.

Primary Sources

Primary sources are those sources of information closest to a person, event, or particular time period.  They are original sources of information, which have not been edited or analyzed by later scholars.  Some examples of primary sources include:

  • autobiographies
  • diaries/personal narratives
  • letters/correspondence
  • memoirs
  • documents/sources
  • photographs
  • statistics
  • newspaper articles from the time period
  • and works of art (novels, poems, paintings, etc.)

To find primary sources at Grafton, try combining your subject keyword with types of primary sources, like "letters", "autobiograph*," or "personal narratives."

History Microform Collection

Grafton's Microform Collection is located in the Periodicals Room on the first floor. Please ask a librarian if you need help finding the microform and using the machines.

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