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International Relations: Articles

A guide to resources in international relations research.

Searching Smart

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Keep your searches simple and only search the most important words. Avoid searching complex phrases or including connecting words in your searches. For example, search Social Media bullying instead of: Problems with social media and bullying.

Brainstorm different words to describe the same idea and try them all! Don't be afraid to try many variations of the same search. Read more about Keywords:

The words AND, OR and NOT are special to databases. They aren't searched as keywords, but instead tell the database how to treat other words in your search query.

Using AND between two keywords requires results to have both terms. Using OR means a result only has to have one of the terms to be considered relevant. Using NOT excludes results with the specified keyword.

Read more about Boolean Operators:

Article Databases

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Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar is searching the open web, so be critical the sources!