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Citation Help: Easybib

Information on properly citing research.

Easybib Changes 2016

EasyBib has had an exciting summer full of changes, and so has Mary Baldwin University! Because of these changes, there are some things you need to know if you have used Easybib before and would like to continue to use it, or want to use it for the first time.


Mary Baldwin now uses Easybib EDU, which is very similar to what we have used in the past but now has visible ads and requires an institutional code to unlock APA and Chicago citation styles. MLA is still automatically available. Read more to retrieve old projects you stored in Easybib (must be done by Dec 1st) or to unlock APA and Chicago citations styles. 

Retrieving Old Projects

Mary Baldwin recently changed how you log-in to your email accounts, transforming your email address from to If you created an Easybib account with a email address, you will need to update your e-mail address in your Easybib account before Dec 1st (when emails sent to your @mbc email address will no longer be forwarded to your @marybaldwin address). If you’ve never used Easybib before, skip to Unlocking All Citation Styles below.


To update your email address, manually log-in (don’t use the Sign-in with Google Option) with your e-mail address and password. If you’ve forgotten your password (or always signed in with Google before) you may need to request a new password and follow the instructions in the e-mail Easybib sends you to set another one.

Navigate to your account settings using the menu in the upper right corner of the screen that greets you by name. Edit your profile to update your email address.


Do not log-in with Google, as this feature has already updated to your @marybaldwin address and will create a new account with the e-mail you want to use in your existing account. If you do accidentally log-in with Google and create a new, empty, account you’ll have to change the e-mail on the new account to a third e-mail (probably a personal e-mail), then log-in to your account and update that account e-mail to This gets complicated very quickly, so if you find yourself in this situation Grafton librarians are happy to help!

Unlocking All Citation Styles

To unlock APA and Chicago styles, create an account if you haven’t already or log-in to an existing account. Then, find the text in the upper right corner that greets you by name and hover over it to reveal a drop down menu. Select coupon codes from the drop down menu. Once there, you’ll need to click the link that says redeem EDU code, then paste this code: marybaldwin9632 into the field and click redeem.


You can now use APA and Chicago styles! You may need to repeat this process once a year.

Grafton's EasyBib EDU Code


Onward, to EasyBib!