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Martha S. Grafton Library

Stuart Hall: Activity

What we'll cover in the library session

  • GLDYS & Select Article Databases
  • Sneaky Search Tips
  • Some time to search on your own

Handy links

Group Activity


1: Brainstorming

Topic Tumbler Activity

2. Search for Sources on your Topic:

[Books, Articles and more (Oh My!)] GLDYS

[Reports] CQ Researcher

[Articles] Academic Search Complete

[Articles] JSTOR

[More Articles] All Databases List

3. Save Your Sources

Explore ways to save your sources so that you can return to them later. Can you create a free account in your database or resource and save items to a folder? Can you save links in a separate document? E-mail items to yourself?

4. Share

Be ready to share a cool or helpful feature of the resource you searched with your classmates.

Example Citations in MLA Format